Future Needs of the Farm Drive Transition Plan

by Heather Lauf April 16, 2014

jLadman64Fast forward to your farming operation in the future - think 10 or 20 years from now. What does the operation look like? Who is involved? And what are they doing?

Figuring out what your farm will need in the future is the first step to make plans for how to get there - and how the next generation will be involved. Jason Ladman, Director with Water Street Solutions, talks about what that could look like. He talks here with farm broadcaster Dewey Nelson of KRVN.   Future Needs of the Farm Drive Transition Plan Ladman AUDIO

Is the Next Generation Ready to Run the Farm?

by Heather Lauf April 15, 2014

Farm Futures logoThe financial decisions in ag are getting bigger and bigger - but is the next generation on your farm taking opportunities to start working on these decision-making skills now? How can the next generation get involved in learning and practicing farm management skills?

In his weekly Finance First post on FarmFutures.com, Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions, writes about how farm families can start getting the next generation ready to run the farm. Read his blog post.

Figure Out the Next Generation's 'Fit' on the Farm

by Heather Lauf April 9, 2014

bMetzger64It's a very exciting time when a family member is coming back to work on the farm. They can bring a fresh perspective and energy. But it can also be a confusing time for both the new employee and for everyone else on the farm unless roles and expectations are clarified.

In this interview, Ben Metzger, Director of Legacy Planning, talks about how families can help make sure that new family member employees have the best transition into the operation. He talks here with Dewey Nelson of KRVN.  Figure Out the Next Generation's 'Fit' on the Farm Metzger AUDIO

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