Removing the Panic, Creating a Plan

by Water Street Solutions September 28, 2009

Husker Harvest Days 178 (WinCE) The run up in grain prices last year may have presented some with a great opportunity, but for many growers, it messed with our ideas about what our crop is worth.  This is evidenced by the large number of growers who haven't priced this year's crop.  Some are still waiting to market their '08 crop.  All of this creates panic.  Jason Ladman talks with KRVN's Ken Rahjes about acknowledging the past and being able to move forward in a better direction....with a plan.  Removing the Panic Creating a Plan - Ladman AUDIO

Focus on Strategy with a SWOT Analysis of Your Farm

by Water Street Solutions September 21, 2009

Jason Ladman (Custom) It's easy to fill your day by completing the tasks on your to-do list.  And it feels pretty good when you get to check a lot of them off at the end of the day.  But let's take this a step further.  How many of the things on your list are really strategic and will advance your farming operation?  How do you get in that strategic mode?  Jason Ladman talks with KRVN's Ken Rahjes about starting the process with a SWOT analysis of your farm.  It's a successful business tool that's been around for why not bring it to the farm?A SWOT Analysis of Your Farm - Ladman AUDIO

For the text of this interview, click here: A SWOT Analysis of Your Farm

Early Freeze Coverage Available

by Kim Lang September 9, 2009

With this year's late planted crops, early frost damage concerns are multiplying.  In order to provide for the additional risk on the 2009 crop, Water Street Solutions has access to a company that issues early frost damage contracts for the producer who wants to protect the "deductible portion" of their MPCI policy, or if there are worries on the last planted fields.  Please contact your Crop Insurance Specialist if this is a concern for you.

Evaluating Your Operation

by Water Street Solutions September 3, 2009

Dean Heffta Dave Russell Water Street Solutions can help farmers take a new look at the business side of their farming operation.  Director of Field Operations, Dean Heffta talks here with Dave Russell of the Brownfield Network about how our business works.

Evaluating Your Operation - Heffta AUDIO

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