Farm Size Increase Doesn't Guarantee More Profit

by Water Street Solutions February 25, 2011

IN Agrinews Febr 25 2011 (Custom) It's easy to dream your farm bigger in times when commodity prices are good.  Actually growing the size of your farm is a little more complex.  You have to think about always keeping yourself in a good financial position, even in down years that might be on the horizon, before that additional land is paid off or before the new lease agreement expires.  Water Street Solutions' President and CEO Darren Frye explores that issue in the February 25th edition of Indiana Agrinews.  You can also read it here.  IN Agrinews Febr 25 2011

Marketing + Discipline Seminar at Commodity Classic

by Water Street Solutions February 9, 2011

OlCClogo It's easy to let your emotions take over when you're trying to market that crop that's your whole shot at profit for the year....especially when prices are where they are right now.  In times like these, it's critical for farmers to understand the factors involved and make management decisions with all of the information available.  Good financial management is more than knowing the fundamental factors that are affecting the trade.  It's important to understand where risk lies, and how to manage it.  If you're planning to attend Commodity Classic, be sure to spend your Friday afternoon with Max Armstrong, Arlan Suderman and Darren Frye.

Max Armstrong Photo 2009 Darren R Frye July 2010

Driving Working Capital to Forty Percent

by Kim Lang February 7, 2011

dFrye64update Benchmarks are important in managing farm finances.  One of those targets that we work toward at Water Street Solutions is a working capital ratio of 40 percent.  Water Street Solutions' President and CEO Darren Frye talks more about this with KRVN's Ken Rahjes.

Driving Working Capital to Forty Percent AUDIO   For the text of the interview, click here:  Driving Working Capital to 40 Percent

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