The Marketing Zoo TWO

by Water Street Solutions July 26, 2011

ostrich-hotlinksIt's a jungle out there.  And now it's time to figure out which animal you are, how you'll adapt to your surroundings, and whether you'll find dinner or be dinner.  Dean Heffta, Director of Development (and part-time zookeeper) at Water Street Solutions talks with Ken Rahjes from KRVN in this continuing conversation.  The Marketing Zoo Two - Heffta AUDIO

What Managers Need to Know

by Water Street Solutions July 18, 2011

FarmFuturesLogoNEW (2)As your farming operation grows, you're likely to find that you just can't do it all.  Delegating is a tough task for many of us.  And some things you still need to manage from a base of knowledge.  In this week's Finance First post on, Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions talks through the concept of what work to outsource, what you still need to know, and how to learn it.  Read the post here.  

The New Rules of Profitable Farming

by Water Street Solutions July 13, 2011

FarmFuturesLogoNEW (2)Farming sure has changed.  Understatement of the year!  Competing in this crazy new environment is going to take a new mindset and a whole new set of rules.  Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions has been rewriting the rule book.  He's sharing his thoughts in a series of articles on  You can find the first one right here.

Let's Execute the Plan!

by Water Street Solutions July 12, 2011

mGustafson64You've worked hard on your strategic plan.  But doesn't end there.  We can get stuck at the execution phase.  Here Ken Rahjes from KRVN talks with Mike Gustafson, Chief Operating Officer of Water Street Solutions about moving things along.  Lets Execute the Plan - Gustafson AUDIO

What to Do When You've Made a Financial Mistake

by Water Street Solutions July 5, 2011

tBrhel64Even though these are the "good financial times" for some farming operations, the whipsaw actions of the markets, the unpredictability of weather and the increasing complexity of farming can make it hard to reap the benefits.  Here Tim Brhel, an Ag Finance Specialist with Water Street Solutions, talks with Ken Rahjes from KRVN about some of the financial trouble spots and strategies for righting the ship.  What to Do When Youve Made a Financial Mistake - Brhel AUDIO

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