Short and Long-Term Farm Plans Work Together

by Heather Lauf March 13, 2014

bMetzger64Your financial plans for your farm - both short and long-term - and your legacy plan (the ultimate long-range plan) work best when they're working in tandem. Financial insights about your operation help you make the best plans for the future of your farm and the next generation's involvement in the operation, says Ben Metzger, Director at Water Street Solutions. He talks with Dewey Nelson of KRVN about that.  Short and Long-Term Farm Plans Work Together Metzger AUDIO

Your Farm's Financial Health Affects Your Legacy

by Heather Lauf February 19, 2014

Farm Futures logoShort term and long term plans for the farm work together, says President and CEO of Water Street Solutions Darren Frye in his Finance First column on this week. Find out how the financial health of your farm affects your farm's long-term legacy. Read his blog post.

Wear the 'Business Hat' for Your Farm's Finances

by Heather Lauf February 4, 2014

aHoerr64The numbers are growing and the decisions are getting bigger. It's getting more important to take off the 'farmer hat' and put on the 'business hat' when you're making financial decisions for your farm, says Water Street Solutions Field Representative Andy Hoerr. He explains why here with KRVN's Dewey Nelson. Wear the Business Hat for Your Farm's Finances Hoerr AUDIO

Looking at Farm Finances? Put On the Business Hat

by Heather Lauf January 21, 2014

Farm Futures logoThe farm world is changing - and the key thing for you now is: how do I respond to it? What created success for you on your farm in the past might not be the same actions that you'll need to engage in for the future.

In his weekly Finance First post on, Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions shares his perspective of the business-minded view that he says it will take to run a successful farm. Read his blog post.

Most Important Farm Financial Metric - For the Next Few Years

by Heather Lauf January 14, 2014

tBrhel64What will be the most important farm financial metrics for you to be keeping your eye on - as we enter what could be more challenging times for farm financials? Tim Brhel, an Ag Finance Specialist with Water Street Solutions, gives his thoughts on that question here and how you can use it on your farm. He talks with Dewey Nelson of KRVN.  The Most Important Financial Metric for the Next Few Years Brhel AUDIO

Your Farm's Financial Dashboard

by Heather Lauf December 31, 2013

tBrhel64Looking at the economic situation in ag right now - and at what could be ahead - what can you do to prepare now for what could be tighter margins ahead? One thing to create and pay attention to in your operation is a financial 'dashboard' for your farm. Tim Brhel, an Ag Finance Specialist with Water Street Solutions, talks about that with broadcaster Dewey Nelson of KRVN.  Your Farm's Financial Dashboard Brhel AUDIO

Farm Metrics 101: A Lens for Your Farm's Debt

by Heather Lauf December 23, 2013

Farm Futures logoWhat are going to be the most important financial metrics for your farm in the next few years? A metric that looks at the debt you're servicing in your operation will be useful, especially if farms run into tighter margins in the coming years.

In his weekly Finance First post, Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions, talks about why you need to start tracking your term debt coverage ratio and how to figure it out. Read his blog post.

To hear more from Darren on important metrics for your farm, attend an Ag Edge Farm Business Seminar this winter.

Accountant-Farmer Communication - What's Most Important?

by Heather Lauf December 18, 2013

tBrhel64When you're talking with your accountant this winter, the goal is to get the right tax plan in place for your operation. But did you know that the way your accountant communicates with you can impact that plan? Listen to Tim Brhel, Ag Finance Specialist with Water Street Solutions, talk about it with Dewey Nelson of KRVNCommunicating with Your Accountant Brhel AUDIO

Farm Metrics 101: What's on Your Dashboard?

by Heather Lauf December 16, 2013

Farm Futures logoWhere does your operation stand? What metrics are you tracking - and, more importantly, what metrics really matter as we head into what could be a tougher time in ag?

In his weekly Finance First post on, Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions, goes back to basics for a fresh look at why you need to be paying attention to your working capital and equity ratios right now. Read his blog post.

Darren talked about these metrics - and others you should be tracking on your farm - at the Ag Edge Farm Business Seminar that happened in Lincoln, Nebraska last week. Three more will still take place across the Midwest this winter - find one near you and register.

What Numbers Do You Need?

by Heather Lauf December 10, 2013

tBrhel64When it comes to making decisions for your farm business for 2014, what numbers could help you? It's tough to take action on financial plans for the coming crop year if you don't know where you're at. Tim Brhel talks with farm broadcaster Dewey Nelson of KRVN about how to figure it out.  What Numbers Do You Need Brhel AUDIO

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