Training Program on the Farm is Important for Good Farm Succession

by Water Street Solutions July 12, 2013

dFrye64May12Does your successor know everything that you know about when it comes to running the farm?  A program with good documented processes is an important part to a strong transition.  Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions, talks about this in this VIDEO.

How Do You Get on the Same Page with Your Farm's Successor?

by Water Street Solutions July 5, 2013

You know who you want to farm behind you.  The process of bringing that person up to speed is a long and deliberate one.  One of our clients who has worked through a succession plan with his son has told us that he has a ten year plan in place where the two of them work side by side.  Arlan Suderman, Senior Market Analyst with Water Street Solutions talks about his ideas on how this goes this video

What Happens if You Don't Have a Transition Plan for Your Farm? VIDEO

by Water Street Solutions May 31, 2013

You know it's something that you have to do "when you have time".  But perhaps you just need to make time instead of continually putting it off.  Think of it as a gift you give to the next generation and to your legacy.  This VIDEO contains more information.  After you watch it, show it to Mom and Dad.

A Succession Plan is Hard to Put in a Template - So Work with Someone Who Works to Understand Your Farm

by Water Street Solutions May 2, 2013

Sure, you can just fill out some online form and call it good for your business succession plan and legacy plan.  But that's probably not going to get you a great transition to the next farming generation.  Take a look at THIS SHORT VIDEO for more detail. 

Water Street Solutions has two legacy advisors who can work with you. 

Is Your Farm's Succession Plan in Place? The Research Says Probably Not.

by Water Street Solutions March 23, 2013

KnorrMany farms will need to transition in the next decade or two because of the aging of today's farmers.  Bryce Knorr, Senior Editor of Farm Futures Magazine presented his research at the recent Commodity Classic in Orlando.  You can see a video of his presentation HERE.

Investing in Machinery and Land

by Water Street Solutions August 6, 2011

TWIA logoMaking purchases in these two asset categories, machinery and land, usually comes with some emotion.  Think about the color of the shiny new paint or the convenience of the nearby land that you finally have access to.  Willie Vogt from Farm Progress spoke recently with Water Street Solutions' President and CEO Darren Frye about these issues, and he filed a report on This Week in Agribusiness.  You can watch the video here.

How to Hire a Marketing Service

by Water Street Solutions June 22, 2011

Darren R Frye July 2010Commodity marketing isn't easy.  Some farmers have hired this kind of help without success.  In this video, taken at a Commodity Classic seminar earlier this year, Arlan Suderman, Market Analyst with Farm Futures and Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions talk frankly about the process of hiring a marketing service, including some of the traps you can get into.  If you're really thinking you need help in marketing, watch this video to help you make a better hire.  

Business Ideas From Your Board of Directors

by Water Street Solutions May 19, 2011

Sometimes it's hard to see your shortcomings from your seat at the table.  A good way to reflect on your success or understand where you need help could come from the outside.  In this video, Arlan Suderman of Farm Futures talks about building your own Board of Directors for your farm.

How Does a Young Farmer Get Started in Today's Environment?

by Kim Lang May 13, 2011

There is definitely opportunity in agriculture, even if it happens to be sandwiched in with the stress Mother Nature can provide.  Water Street Solutions' President and CEO Darren Frye spoke at this year's Commodity Classic on a panel with Arlan Suderman of Farm Futures....and they talked about this issue.  Here's the video.

Should I Build Bins?

by Water Street Solutions April 4, 2011

Darren R Frye July 2010Adding grain storage to an operation is one of those financial decisions that should be made starting with a feasibility study.  Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions, and Arlan Suderman, Market Analyst at Farm Futures, spoke on a panel at Commodity Classic in March about the considerations that should go into adding storage capacity.  See the discussion on this video.

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