Wear the 'Business Hat' for Your Farm's Finances

by Heather Lauf February 4, 2014

aHoerr64The numbers are growing and the decisions are getting bigger. It's getting more important to take off the 'farmer hat' and put on the 'business hat' when you're making financial decisions for your farm, says Water Street Solutions Field Representative Andy Hoerr. He explains why here with KRVN's Dewey Nelson. Wear the Business Hat for Your Farm's Finances Hoerr AUDIO

Do You Need a Business Coach?

by Heather Lauf February 3, 2014

Farm Futures logoWhen the farm faces challenges, it can be tough to necessarily see opportunity in that - but there are always possiblities for your farm as it moves forward. Here's where a business coach for the farm can help. They help you envision the full range of possiblities for the farm - and then work with you to create a plan of action.

In his weekly Finance First post on FarmFutures.com, Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions, writes about the role of a farm business coach and how the coach helps farmers. Read his blog post.

Getting the Next Generation Involved in Decision-Making

by Heather Lauf January 29, 2014

bMetzger64If your farm is dynamic - growing and changing - it can be a great move to start getting the next generation of leaders on your farm involved in helping make some of the decisions. That's going to help with a smooth transition to the next generation.

Ben Metzger, Director of Legacy Planning with Water Street Solutions, talks with Dewey Nelson from KRVN about how to start getting the next generation involved in decision-making and shares some techniques for getting started.  Getting the Next Generation Involved in Decision-Making Metzger AUDIO

Taking the Farm to the Next Level

by Heather Lauf January 28, 2014

Farm Futures logoHave you ever felt that you wanted to move your farm forward - to the next level - but weren't sure where to start? That's when someone who acts as a coach for the farm can come help you envision your plan to do that.

In his weekly Finance First post on FarmFutures.com, Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions shows you how a coach for your farm can help you make plans to move your farm forward. Read his blog post.

Ag Scholarships for College Students

by Heather Lauf January 27, 2014

Scholarship-Nolan SampsonWater Street Solutions will award three college scholarships to ag students for the 2014-15 academic year. The award includes a $1,600 scholarship and tuition to attend the 2014 Agriculture Future of America Leaders Conference. Students from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, North Dakota and South Dakota are eligible to apply.

Eligible students include graduating high school seniors, as well as current college students who plan to complete agriculture-related, four-year degree programs and have not yet attended an AFA Leaders Conference.

Find more information and apply online. The deadline to apply is March 14th.

Your Farm Business Goals for 2014

by Heather Lauf January 22, 2014

dHeffta64The new year can be an opportunity for new goals - and we usually have a lot of good intentions when a new year comes around for things we're going to change. But as we move through January, some of that often goes by the wayside.

For the farm in 2014, it will be important to not only have goals but to focus on the behaviors that will allow us to achieve our goals, says Director Dean Heffta of Water Street. He has some advice on that here as he talks with Dewey Nelson of KRVN.   Your Farm Business Goals for 2014 Heffta AUDIO

Looking at Farm Finances? Put On the Business Hat

by Heather Lauf January 21, 2014

Farm Futures logoThe farm world is changing - and the key thing for you now is: how do I respond to it? What created success for you on your farm in the past might not be the same actions that you'll need to engage in for the future.

In his weekly Finance First post on FarmFutures.com, Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions shares his perspective of the business-minded view that he says it will take to run a successful farm. Read his blog post.

Most Important Farm Financial Metric - For the Next Few Years

by Heather Lauf January 14, 2014

tBrhel64What will be the most important farm financial metrics for you to be keeping your eye on - as we enter what could be more challenging times for farm financials? Tim Brhel, an Ag Finance Specialist with Water Street Solutions, gives his thoughts on that question here and how you can use it on your farm. He talks with Dewey Nelson of KRVN.  The Most Important Financial Metric for the Next Few Years Brhel AUDIO

Next-Generation Farm Decision Making

by Heather Lauf January 13, 2014

Farm Futures logoAre you making all the decisions on your farm - or are you getting the next generation involved in decision making? That's a very important question for the legacy of your farming operation.

In his weekly Finance First post on FarmFutures.com, Darren Frye, President and CEO of Water Street Solutions shares some places to start getting your farm's future leaders involved in making decisions. Read his blog post.

The Farm Family Balancing Act

by Heather Lauf January 7, 2014

dFrye64When you work with family, you might feel like you're walking a tightrope - between family and business. You see your family members every day at work on the farm - and then maybe at the dinner table every night too! And that can create some communication challenges.

Listen to an interview that Darren Frye, our President and CEO, did with Dewey Nelson on KRVN. They talk about the balancing act that a farm family has to navigate each day in working together.  The Farm Family Balancing Act Frye AUDIO

You can hear more about this topic and get ideas for your family farm at our Ag Edge Farm Business Seminars this winter. We'll hold a panel discussion with couples who work in family businesses. Take a look at all the learning sessions and register here.

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