Brett King – Newman Grove, NE

Brett King photo“Up until 2012, I hadn’t carried crop insurance. I signed up that spring because a Water Street ag risk advisor showed me how I could protect my risk and capital with such a small investment. When you’re getting started farming, you have so much risk on the table. You need to protect yourself. I could tell they weren’t just trying to sell me insurance. They were helping me use insurance by integrating it into my operation so I could get the most out of it.”


Joe and Nathalie Schmidt – Ottawa, IL

“My ag risk advisor went over different scenarios with me, so I always knew where I was. We sat down numerous times – it wasn’t just once and you’re done, because I have to go see my next person. He always takes the time. It’s a good working relationship.”



Bruce and Susan Mills – Little York, IL

"Trust is most of why I am comfortable with Water Street Solutions.  They helped me realize the benefit of taking 85% crop insurance coverage, which is something I have not done in the past.  Between 85% coverage, the fall price going up and the money we've made buying back on paper, my gross is going to be much more than what I expected for the 2010 crop year.  And my production was 40% lower than my average.  On my own, I wouldn't have had high crop insurance coverage levels and I can guarantee that I wouldn't have bought the corn back on paper.  It equates to having a couple hundred thousand dollars that I wouldn't have on my own."

Zane Davies – Bloomingdale, IN

"It was important for me and my extended family to be able to recover from a loss if something didn't go as planned.  That is essentially the reason I protect my risk with crop insurance.  It gives me the freedom to take some risk, knowing that I can't lose everything with one bad experience or one difficult year of weather."

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Water Street Solutions helps farmers with profitability, using a business model that you won't find anywhere else. Experts in ag finance, crop insurance, commodity marketing and legacy planning work together on a plan tailored for your farm.

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