Doug and Justin Durdan – Streator, IL

Durdan family“In an operation with a lot of moving parts, getting a legacy plan in writing is really crucial. You don’t ever want to think that something bad could happen to anyone, but it can. If something happened to either of us, the plan will make sure the business continues.

It would be sad to work your entire life building a farm business and then not be able to pass it on due to lack of planning. I think everyone starts out wanting to pass the farm on to the next generation. It’s not really fair to anyone if you don’t take the time to make sure that the transfer will be successful.”

Don and Ron Ladage – Chatham, IL

“Our legacy advisor is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience. She knows what we’re dealing with because she understands farming and farmers. She knew what we needed to work through in the legacy planning process and helped us understand our situation.

The legacy planning process isn’t something you can complete in a couple days or months. Our legacy advisor told us right away that it could take about a year. It was a very thorough plan. It made us dig into things we had forgotten about. One of the most challenging things was just talking together about these subjects. Usually you don’t think very much about discussing the sorts of topics that come up in the legacy planning process.”

Mark and Jane Jost – Henderson, NE

“We started working with Water Street mainly because we have kids coming in to the operation. We don’t want them to have to make some of the same mistakes we went through in the last 30 years. We were looking for someone to be more involved in various facets of our operation in the way that Water Street does.

We see the importance in everything Water Street does and how to apply it on our farm. We’re thinking about putting our farm’s core values up in our shop office. We are really impressed with the emphasis Water Street places on communication on the farm. With three family members on our farm – and two of them being from the younger generation – there needs to be a lot of communication about what’s going on.”


Chris and Margie Hayes – Osceola, NE

”Our legacy advisor was out on our farm about three or four times to talk with us before we ever signed up.  He asked questions about our family, drew diagrams, and put everything together.  He got a feel for how we think.  We feel happy about starting a legacy plan and feel Water Street will put it all together better - rather than fragmented, like it would be if we were doing it on our own.  It will be a better experience and everybody's still going to be in peace and harmony when it's all done.”



Dave and Linda Cunningham – Wausa, NE

Dave and Linda Cunningham 1“We’ve heard stories about other farm families with on-farm and off-farm kids who now are fighting over land.  We hear about farming kids losing the land because it gets sold.  Our farm has been in the family for a long time – so we decided we would plan for the future so it stays in our family.”

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